All you have to do is to keep mining window open and you will receive you will be paid every minute.
You also have extra ways of earning money:

JOBS: Monthly Jobs that i post, you can earn from 0.05$ for every job up to 14 days of VIP account
Tasks: Complete Tasks and earn extra money. Each week a contest wil be held and you can win up to 1$ for 1st place on top of your earnings.
CPU Mining: Mine with your CPU and earn extra money.
Weekly Lottery: Feeling lucky? Play in our weekly lottery and win the prize. First place is paid the entire amount!
You can get more money by inviting your friends and you will receive lifetime commission from their earnings. With a standard account you will make 40% of your refferals earnings for life!

You are allowed to register and use just one account. If you register more than 1 account, we will disable all your accounts!
Just one, you can't open multiple mining windows, even if you're loggedin on different browsers or IP's.
No, you are not allowed to use VPS. We expect you to use this website from your personal device, if you use VPS, your payout request will be rejected and your account will be suspended.
First of all, you can't be connected in multiple places in the same time. If you login on device A when you will login on device B, you will be logged out from device A. Also, if your IP address changes, you will be logged out.
First of all, make sure you meet all requirements (minimum amount of mined minutes, time between payment, minimum amount of payment an so on). If you meet all requirements, make sure you write the amount you want to request.

If this does not work, please contact me via chat or telegram group.